Born in Bonn, 1986

Moved to Nicaragua in 1989

Moved to Moscow in 1992

Moved to Bonn in 1995

Moved to Berlin in 1999

Moved to Madrid 2003

Finished school in Madrid in 2006

University in Klagenfurt 2006 - 2009

Moved to Berlin 2009


2010 Exhibition in London

2012 Exhibition in Munich

2014 Exhibition in Madrid and Althofen, Austria

2015 - 2022 Traveling for inspiration and  manufacturing new  artworks


Friedrich's talent derives from a nomadic lifestyle, having lived oversees and across Europe.

This was a mind broadening experience that Friedrich wishes to continue in his work.

His paintings can both, capture reality in a photo realistic way or in a more abstract way though different forms of living and understanding, touching into the surreal, the connection of the human to nature and, above all, these realities are later on found on a canvas, wall or other medium.

Friedrich mainly paints in acrylic, with markers and charcoal but also vector graphic programs, often using photography as a guide but then splashing it with visionary design.

Since 2009 Friedrich is based in Berlin, producing art and music, still seeking more natural lifestyles in urban places and collaborating with other artists across Europe.

Friedrich has participated in the group exhibition The Fabrik in Munich in 2012 and has done some solo exhibitions at the German Embassy in London in 2010 and in a private home in Madrid, as well as in Austria in a 600 year old cellar in 2014. His favorit artist collective is based in Munich, for whom he was cast the leading role in a Bavarian crime movie Das Letzte Loch ist der Mund in 2014. Friedrich continues to produce his art in Berlin at the moment.

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